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Dick Ellis Blog:
If the deer season is the flagship of all hunting sports in Wisconsin, eagerly anticipated annually by 600,000 hunters, and it is, then the precious days of the October/November rut are without doubt the gem within the gem.  These too fleeting days of whitetail mating activity when even the biggest bucks become vulnerable to archers and gun hunters  mean no doubt that more tags are filled and stories of missed bucks told than at any oth...
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On Wisconsin Outdoors Blog

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11/7/2017 Wisconsin Deer Hunters in a Rut

If the deer season is the flagship of all hunting sports in Wisconsin, eagerly anticipated annually by 600,000 hunters, and it is, then the precious days of the October/November rut are without doubt the gem within the gem.  These too fleeting days of whitetail mating activity when even the big... More

10/30/2017 Memories of a Bear Hunt, OWO Hits the Streets.

Common questions passed among hunters during these days of the whitetail rut include“are the bucks chasing yet” or simply “are they moving?”  I couldn’t help but think of that when On Wisconsin Outdoors fishing columnist Dave Duwe sent me this photo while working... More

10/10/2017 20 Bears and Counting….

Tank, a monster bear estimated at 600 pounds by experts at Northern Wisconsin Outfitters, eluded hunters for the 5th straight year in 2017, but made plenty of appearances on the bait and camera…when the hunter wasn’t there. OWO writer Mike Foss tells us that Northern Wisconsin Outfit... More

9/21/2017 News from Bear Camp…and around Wisconsin

Queen, a monster sow captured on Northern Wisconsin Outfitters Trail camera, would not let other bears, even some very large boars, eat at this bait station to the point that the site was eventually abandoned by the guides. I invaded my brother Steve’s cabin in Iron County last week to serv... More

8/31/2017 Our 10th Anniversary Issue Hits the Streets

Happy anniversary us!  Thanks to you.  We’re hot off the presses this morning with 100,000 papers of the September-October 2017 issue being distributed as we speak throughout Wisconsin.  Look for the paper very soon in 355 Kwik Trip stores (see our homepage or last blog for e... More

8/14/2017 Bear Season Looms

Kwik Trip has your OWO Traveler, this one-eyed bear weighing in at 500 pounds, has been a recent, frequent visitor at the bear baits of Northern Wisconsin Outfitters. On Wisconsin Outdoors writer John Luthens and I will be visiting Northern Wisconsin Outfitters (NWO) in Bayfield County again in... More

8/2/2017 See You at DeerFest

BEC Master of Ceremonies Kevin Wallenfang comes in big with his first fish in 10 years.  The musky measured in at 38 inches before release and claimed 2nd place in the 14th annual event. We will see you at DeerFest this weekend, Friday through Sunday August 4-6 at the Washington County Fairg... More

7/20/2017 Photo Album

Results of the 2017 Bob Ellis Row Trolling Classic will be shared in this space next week. We’re waiting on a photo of the winning fish. The Classic was total fun, with several fish caught and released during the one-day event, and several stories (lies) ‘released’ by fisherman a... More

7/10/2017 ICAST Calling

Scott Lewendowski’s 52-inch musky was one of several monsters taken and released this week with OWO columnist and Wisconsin super guide Phil Schweik. Read the details under Inland Fishing on this website. Lori and I will be in Orlando for ICAST 2017, the world’s largest sportfishing t... More

6/23/2017 A multi-species kind of happiness

Ellis Blogs 6-23-2017 A multi-species kind of happiness   OWO columnist Dan Moericke with a beautiful Father’s Day brown trout. Dan Moericke has been writing an On Wisconsin Outdoors’ column for 10 years.  Dan, of the Wausau area, sends these photos of his trout fly-fishing... More

6/7/2017 BEC Musky Classic is Just That

Bob Ellis is shown in the 12 foot skiff he used to catch hundreds of muskies row trolling. The 2017 Bob Ellis Rowtrolling Classic (BEC) will be held Saturday, July 15.  Make your plans now, and find out why a no entry-fee, no prize money, catch-and-release tournament chasing muskies exclusi... More

5/25/2017 Remember the Fallen

First, and the only real thing of importance this week, we’re all going fishing or turkey hunting…or shopping …on this long weekend because of the hundreds of thousands of men and women over hundreds of years who gave their lives for America’s freedoms. Say a prayer of th... More

5/5/2017 Now it Starts

Row trolling will be on the Ellis boys schedule early and often this fishing season. Here Jim Ellis prepares to release a nice walleye. I shouldn’t really refer to the Wisconsin fishing opener as a new beginning like that, because really it never ends here for the hunter and fisherman does i... More

4/21/2017 Walleyes Calling….You

Josh Hoier, 8 of New London poses for Wolf River expert John Faucher with his catch of beautiful walleyes. I took my own blog advice Tuesday.  The wolf River and friend John Faucher called me north from southeast Wisconsin to New London to check out the walleye run for myself.  Faucher ... More

4/9/2017 Come Now for Walleyes!

Guide Spenser Samplawski will put you on big walleyes. OWO contributing writer Jim Olsson tells us the walleye bite on Green Bay out of DePere is hot right now.  Fishing with Guide Spenser Samplawski, Olsson said a large number of males are present with more and more big females being taken ... More

3/24/2017 Big Fish, Bigger Fish

Tyler Bell of New Berlin with a beautiful pike. With open water fishing already here on the rivers and great lakes, and the Wisconsin opening day on the horizon the first Saturday in May, let’s talk big fish….and bigger fish.  DNR fisheries biologist Max Wolter discusses the big... More

3/9/2017 Heitman Hits

Pheasants fall to bowman Scott Heitman of the Ojibwa Bowhunters Club in New Berlin shot these three roosters at a 25 percent clip with flu-flu arrows Sunday. So my ex- buddy Scott Heitman is better with his recurve than I am with my scattergun when hunting pheasants. This is notable.  I don... More

2/14/2017 Sturgeon Spearing, Ice Fishing & Pheasants

  The biggest fish to date on the Winnebago system was speared by Gerald Peterson and weighed in at 154 pounds. Not to be redundant from the blog two weeks ago, but if you have never witnessed the sturgeon spearing opening day festivities on Lake Winnebago and the upper lakes, lock it away f... More

1/30/2017 Wisconsin Loses Roger LaPenter, Protector of Chequamegon Bay Smallmouth Bass

Last week, Roger LaPenter of Ashland passed peacefully with loving family by his side. According to the Ashland Press, he was born on Dec. 1, 1943. He will be dearly missed by many and is survived by his wife Carolyn Swartz and son Jake (Bridget), grandson Nels Odin, brother Tom LaPenter and nephew ... More

1/24/2017 Are You Ready to Celebrate Sturgeon?

If you have ever traveled to Lake Winnebago during the Wisconsin sturgeon spearing season, you know both that this is an extraordinary sport and also that the locals know how to throw a party (If you have not visited, you need to start planning for February 11). In the 10,000 shacks, out of the shac... More

1/16/2017 When Fishing Turns Hot as Ice

When On Wisconsin Outdoors’ fishing expert Wayne Morgenthaler finds fish of any species on the Wisconsin River backwaters in Richland County, they are usually big, and surrender in mobs. When I hear good things about On Wisconsin Outdoors, almost inevitably the fact that we are a publicatio... More

1/9/2017 Goodbye Deer Season, Hello Ice

“I thought the temperature was supposed to reach 19 degrees today,” I said to Lori on the cell phone as the truck moved north toward my last bowhunt of the year January 8th. “The thermometer says it’s 5-degrees and it’s already 9:00 in the morning.”    ... More

12/30/2016 So Much To Do…

The January-February 2017 issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors is on the presses today and on the shelves of your local Kwik Trip, hardware, liquor store, grocery, or rod and gun shop starting tomorrow.  We cranked the presses up to kick out 100,000 copies, up from 50,000 when we started this mess in... More

12/18/2016 Deer Diary

Sorry for the delay in blogging.  I will be back on the weekly writing. One outdoorsman wrote to tell me he hasn’t been able to sleep in the last few weeks since I was tending to expanding our paper to100,000 copies and handling some distribution logistics instead of blogging. I thought t... More