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On Wisconsin Outdoors Blog

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9/25/2014 One Great Writer…

All the information, photos, media releases, news, fishing and hunting reports, upcoming events, etc.  that we can bring you with On Wisconsin Outdoors is important to help you stay up on what’s happening out there. But when it comes right down to the real foundation of publishing an outd... More

9/19/2014 A Thank You to Lynch Truck Center, Going Home Again, and Lethal Golfing

Please welcome On Wisconsin Outdoors’ newest advertiser.  Whatever “field” you’re in, Lynch Truck Center will put you in it for less. Lynch has the truck for your commercial or recreational use, and we appreciate that they will be helping to hand you your ... More

9/12/2014 Bears, Deer, Ducks & Doves

A whirlwind week in the world of Wisconsin Outdoors is a good week.  Thursday I loaded the old truck with the last of 10,000 papers slated for southeast Wisconsin and placed them on the racks through Madison on my way to the Mike Foss Bear Camp in Bayfield.  When I say “old truck&rdq... More

9/5/2014 Great Start to Foss Bear Camp

Despite nasty thunderstorms that shut down the first day of the Wisconsin bear hunt in Bayfield County Wednesday, Mike Foss reported last night that three hunters had already filled tags from his Washburn camp.  More than 20 tag holders are taking stands over 30 square miles of rugged Superior ... More

8/29/2014 Ducks, Self-Made Hunting Videos and a Mostly-True Outdoor Book

I will be heading to the north country over the Labor Day Holiday.  My beautiful wife, Lori thinks we are spending a long and romantic weekend together, and we are. Unless she wakes up and finds that I briefly exited our honeymoon cabin for the honeymoon duck blind. Or, if she chooses not to wa... More

8/22/2014 OWO September-October Issue Ushers in Hunting Seasons

May I take a break from editing the September-October 2014 issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors ready to hit the shelves across Wisconsin August 29 to focus on this week’s Blog?  What should we talk about?  I know!  How about the September-October 2014 issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors?&... More

8/15/2014 DNR and Other Outdoor News

First, we had a great time in our booth with Kwik Trip Outdoors at DeerFest August 8-10. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to win a great prize from Kwik Trip Outdoors or to pick up an issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors, or meet OWO fly-fishing expert John Luthens or OWO firearms expert S. Wilkerson.&... More

8/9/2014 See you at DeerFest August 8-10

But, before we jump into DeerFest, OWO writer and Super Bear Guide Mike Foss is on a bear that he believes will go 700 pounds by the September season. He places it at 600 pounds or better now.  We’re in production for the September-October issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors and you will read ... More

8/1/2014 So Close… Hunting Seasons and Application Deadlines

The hunting seasons are so close. So let’s make this Blog short and sweet so that you don’t fail to apply for a tag tomorrow and miss an opportunity to participate in a season that might be very important to you. August 1 is the deadline for: Fall turkey hunting applications Goose... More

7/25/2014 A Thank you To Bucky’s…and to all of our Advertisers & Distributors

Yesterday, my wife, Lori returned home from a trip to Mukwonago and Bucky’s Fine Meats & Sausage with the hot venison beer sticks, brats and Italians we had ordered a few weeks ago. A doe had been hit by a truck near my home. After the New Berlin cops came and ended its suffering, I took... More

7/18/2014 When Mother Nature Rains on the Blue Gill Parade

This battle was personal, a stubborn battle between Mother Nature and top guide and On Wisconsin Outdoors writer Dave Duwe.  Would Mother give up the gills on Delavan Lake Sunday to the persistence of Duwe, or would she keep the stingy hold on the 20 fish we were asking for by sending plummetin... More

7/11/2014 Have you visited Ashland or fished Chequamegon Bay?

If you have, you won’t need an invitation to return.  If you have not, I strongly recommend that you get it on the calendar today. My first trip to Ashland with famed fishing guide Roger LaPenter to target Chequamegon Bay’s monster smallmouth was probably 10 years ago. I’ve re... More

7/7/2014 Back in the Saddle

My apologies for failing to post the Mike Foss bear dating video to date. It’s done and has been sent to our great graphic designer for posting. Ali Garrigan has been on an earned vacation over the week of the  4th.  After filming the introduction to the bear video with Jim Olsson, I... More

6/27/2014 So You Like to Fish Wisconsin?

Before we dive into the Wisconsin water, here’s a brief update on the Mike Foss black bear courtship and mating video we talked about in last week’s Blog. I will be traveling to OWO writer Jim Olsson’s studio today to film the introduction. You probably watched the Olsson crew&rsqu... More

6/20/2014 The Courtship of the Wisconsin Black Bear

Incredible Mike Foss Bear Mating Video to Be Unveiled on “On Wisconsin Outdoors” Website Last week, this “On Wisconsin Outdoors” blog cast the spotlight on the work of Mike Foss and Northern Wisconsin Outfitters.  The Washburn, Wisconsin-based bear guide and OWO writer ... More

6/13/2014 Guide Foss Can Bear-ly Stand Broken Ankle

Dedicated Bear Guide Mike Foss broke his ankle in a pick-up basketball game recently, just when his scouting and first teaser baits of the young season were already drawing in some monster bears reminiscent of the legendary Snaggletooth.  Mike Foss’s early scouting has already put hi... More

6/6/2014 Jack’s Charter Service comes through…Big!

The ‘Leader’ and Captain Ken Poludnianyk of Jack’s Charter Service have more tournament wins and top 5 finishes than any other Milwaukee charter boat.Molly Hall and David Jackson were more than happy with their charter last week off Reef Point Marina in Racine. Sometimes a Wisco... More

5/30/2014 The North, Central & South of Wisconsin Crappie Fishing

What’s better than spending five hours with your wife on a hot crappie playground in northern Wisconsin?  Not much. Lori Ellis shows another 10-1/2 inch crappie found in shallow wood adjacent to reeds Memorial Day weekend on the Manitowish Chain. The Memorial weekend went about as exp... More

5/23/2014 Memorial Day. Remember the Fallen

You know the one and only reason we are able to hunt for turkeys and target walleyes and muskies this weekend right?  The reason we do whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it? Because hundreds of thousands of American service men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can do... More

5/16/2014 Crappies, Toms, and a Red Hot Lake Michigan

On Wisconsin Outdoors writer extraordinaire John Luthens took his nephew on his first Lake Winnebago crappie expedition this week.  Do you think maybe Indigo Thede, 10, of Oshkosh enjoyed landing his first crappie? Send us photos of your kids (must be under age 95) working the big outside fo... More

5/9/2014 I Should Have Held It…..

First, all 44 Menards and 252 Kwik Trip locations carrying On Wisconsin Outdoors are now posted on this homepage.  Don’t forget to take your shot at winning your Kwik Trip Outdoors’ fishing trip with Super guide Phil Schweik.  Check out the details in the May-June issue of On W... More

5/2/2014 On Wisconsin Outdoors Increases Distribution Statewide, Florida Shore Fishing Kind to Hart & Ellis

First things first; Congratulations to Marlis Kremer of Appleton for winning a $100 gift card from Kwik Trip Outdoors. Watch for all kinds of winning opportunities from KT Outdoors in the near future, and don’t forget to send them your photos and stories from the field for posting. The May-Ju... More

4/24/2014 Searching for the Perfect Cover Shot…

As you read this Lori and I will be in Florida.  Life-long buddy Mike Hart and I will be working the surf near the Floribama line for pompano and whiting and coming up with the occasional Ray.  Lori and Kerry Hart will be catching another kind of ray. As a long-time outdoor writer who dov... More

4/17/2014 Kids, First Time Turkey Hunters, Mentors Score Big

On Wisconsin Outdoors received some head-turning photos from successful youth turkey hunters and their mentors spotlighting their experiences from all over Wisconsin.  Those highlights including a story with photos from a young woman who hunted successfully after completing the Hunter’s S... More

4/11/2014 Calling All Toms, Catching All Walleyes….

The old man finally loosened his grip, except that he’s planning to slip his icy fingers around our necks again next week I understand.  I hate to be the bearer of bad weather news but it’s the truth.  He’s on his death bed anyway, and he can’t hold on long now. War... More