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In the near future after 100,000 copies of our March-April 2020 issue are on the streets throughout Wisconsin I will be adding to this blog, but wanted to post these photos now of 11 bluebirds on a tree in our backyard. The photos are referenced in OWO’s Badger Birds (Tom Carpenter column) in the new issue as being posted in this blog and I don’t want readers traveling to this website and being…bluebird-less. I don’t t...
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6/19/2013 Bear Bait and Bass

6-20-2013 We’re on the cusp of another September bear season and those of you lucky enough to snag a tag but aren’t into running hounds will be looking for the best buys in bait and just how to use it. It’s a huge, adrenalin pumping part of the sport itself, when the bears start t... More

6/14/2013 Bob Ellis Rowtrolling Classic Takes Fishing Back To the Basics

6-14-2013 We’re on the road today in Boulder Junction to honor my uncle in Wisconsin most unique musky tournament.  The 2013 Bob Ellis Rowtrolling Classic is tomorrow, Saturday June 15th. If you’re not in yet and want to join us, the starting location and after- fishing dinner is a... More

6/7/2013 Today is D-Day. Did you remember?

6-6-2013 On June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied Troops landed along a 50 mile  stretch of heavily fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy.  General Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which “we will accept nothing less than full victor... More

5/30/2013 Cowardly Bear Killers Still Hiding

5-30-3013 May I give up my Blog today?  Thank you.  The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and other groups have tripled the reward for the arrest of the people responsible for killing and decapitating the bear hibernating in a culvert recently in northwest Wisconsin.  Read the rest.... More

5/23/2013 On Memorial Day…Remember America’s Fallen Heroes

Instead of a Blog today, we’re posting here columns from the archives dedicated to the men and women who bought this freedom for us.  It’s also meant as a reminder that this freedom now under constant barrage from our own government, is not ours to give away. Protect it. Click H... More


We have posted numerous news bulletins and photos over the last 24 hours from the DNR keeping OWO updated on the course of the largest forest fire to hit Wisconsin in 33 years.  Please connect with “Outdoor News” on this website. We will post the most recent developments on that web... More


5-9-2013 What’s as exciting as pulling Tom off a roost with the first light of a new day and watching him slowly and cautiously cut the distance between you and him over the rolling greens and browns of southern Wisconsin?  Well, pulling him to you through Wisconsin’s big woods, an... More


5-2-2013 This Blog is most often used to showcase seasonal highlights from the fields and water of Wisconsin.  This week should start with the open water season slated to begin throughout Wisconsin May 4, with the main theme being that Mother Nature is still unsure if she will let go of her ic... More

4/25/2013 The Black & White of It

4-25-2013 Here’s the black and white of hunting and fishing Wisconsin in late April, with all eyes on May 4 and open fishing. If you’re chasing turkeys in the south, at least you have bare ground despite the near non-stop rain.  If you’re after Tom in the north country, you&r... More

4/18/2013 Taxes, Blood & Terror

4-18-2013 You have your own images of the week. I have a question and a suggestion; what is your opinion of waterboarding? And google Bill Ayers and read about the weather underground bomber of the 70s so often invited today as a guest speaker to American universities. It is so important to know wh... More

4/11/2013 The Cold North and Warm South of it All

4-12-2013 Rob and Steve Tobin send us an excellent video this week of one of their many ice battles this winter on the Milwaukee lakefront with browns, steelhead and Lakers. Over about just five minutes the video also takes us to the open water Milwaukee Harbor. We post it on the home page. Check i... More

4/5/2013 Gulf of Mexico Remains Stingy

4-5-2013 If you read Monday’s Blog from the Florida-Alabama line on the Gulf of Mexico, you know that Scott Heitman and I were into some tough shore fishing. I promised a Friday Blog when things turned around.  Well, things did not turn around, with the exception of Heitman’s beaut... More

4/3/2013 A Florida Hello

4-2-2013 We’ll be getting back to you late this week with a report on fishing the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s amazing, though, that such an expanse of water can be so greatly affected by cold weather and water temperatures, like a Wisconsin pothole.  During the same week in 2012, Sc... More

3/28/2013 It’s Easter week

3-28-2013 We’re going to let go of the hunting and fishing in this space and turn to things more important. You will still find about 25 outdoor stories, photos and news items that we’ve posted just in the last two days on this website under firearms, inland fishing, outdoor news, fishi... More

3/21/2013 Breaking the Ice on Spring

3-21-2013 Hey snowmobilers! Executive Director Michelle Voight has a message for you from the Washburn County Tourism Association.  Don’t put those sleds away yet. More snow is on the ground and in the forecast; great conditions and beautiful country.  Connect with “Explore Wi... More

3/14/2013 Fishing for Fishing Information?

3-14-2013 In the wake of another fabulous sturgeon spearing season, despite bad ice and bad water clarity, the DNR is looking to improve one of the main reasons we find so many large fish available today after some precarious years not long ago.  A new online registration process is now availa... More

3/8/2013 Exciting Things Coming Soon

3-8-2013 Exciting things are in the works at On Wisconsin Outdoors, sending me on the road for most of the last two weeks. You’ll hear very soon.  We will return to our regular blogs next week.  In the meantime, I hope you have a chance to connect with many of the stories and news i... More

3/1/2013 Fishn’ Show Moves to Appleton

3-1-2013 The Northeast Wisconsin Sport Fishn’ Show has moved to Player’s Choice in Appleton, and that’s where On Wisconsin Outdoors will be March 1 (today), 2, and 3.  We’re handing out the hot-off-the-presses March-April issue, and looking forward to saying hello to yo... More

2/21/2013 It’s Showtime

2-21-2013 It’s Show Time! And that’s where I’ll be this weekend and into the spring, starting with the Wisconsin State Hunting Expo in Green Bay. Stop by our booth and say hello. I’ll hand you the March-April issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors, hot off the presses tomorrow, Frid... More

2/14/2013 Great Guides, Great Lakes, Great Fish

2-14-2013 When I sent my daughter off to college, I assured Taylor that the academic...and maybe party experience was the best 10 years of my life. No, I’m not a doctor. But she had no trouble believing both parts of that message. Her own high school grades have inspired more than a few comme... More

2/7/2013 Sturgeon Spears and Big Green Trout

New Wisconsin Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs is the first to admit he has big shoes to fill in stepping into the job previously handled so well by Ron Bruch, and before him, Dan Folz.  But the week prior to the sturgeon spearing season beginning this Saturday, February 9 on the Winnebago syste... More

2/1/2013 On The Ice...In The Field

2-1-2013 If a picture is worth 1000 words, I don’t have to bore you with 17,000 words now that we posted a ton of photos from our ice assault Sunday on Moose Lake in Waukesha County.  And what does that story tell? Well, flags flew, and so did the snow, venison steaks sizzled on the gri... More

1/28/2013 Exceptional Wisconsin Guide Jim Hudson Loses His Life on Lake Superior

By Dick Ellis Wisconsin top guide Jim Hudson lost his life on Lake Superior Saturday.  In this photo taken with On Wisconsin Outdoors in 2011, he shows Dick Ellis how to catch pike near Ashland. Husband and exceptional Wisconsin fishing guide Jim Hudson lost his life on Lake Superior Saturd... More


1-24-2013 As I wait for my own concealed carry permit to arrive, I was pleased to hear Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) on radio stations urging people to take the necessary steps to properly defend themselves.  The copy of the PSA is posted below, with ... More

1/17/2013 Shooting Straight

1-17-2013 In the last few days, we’ve posted a large amount of material under “Firearms”, “Outdoor News” “Ice Fishing” “Inland Fishing” and several of our hunting pages. Our firearms activity heated up significantly not only because this admini... More