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Dick Ellis Blog:
Mourning Doves serve as door to new seasons Micah and I will walk again into a new hunting season this afternoon like we’ve walked together into eight Septembers before. Mourning doves are calling us now, more as a way to shake the dust off and welcome a new autumn than anything else. Later it will be more “serious” pursuits of pheasant and duck. Almost certainly, my brother John and his lab Dylan will join us again today as th...
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1/9/2017 Goodbye Deer Season, Hello Ice

“I thought the temperature was supposed to reach 19 degrees today,” I said to Lori on the cell phone as the truck moved north toward my last bowhunt of the year January 8th. “The thermometer says it’s 5-degrees and it’s already 9:00 in the morning.”    ... More

12/30/2016 So Much To Do…

The January-February 2017 issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors is on the presses today and on the shelves of your local Kwik Trip, hardware, liquor store, grocery, or rod and gun shop starting tomorrow.  We cranked the presses up to kick out 100,000 copies, up from 50,000 when we started this mess in... More

12/18/2016 Deer Diary

Sorry for the delay in blogging.  I will be back on the weekly writing. One outdoorsman wrote to tell me he hasn’t been able to sleep in the last few weeks since I was tending to expanding our paper to100,000 copies and handling some distribution logistics instead of blogging. I thought t... More

11/18/2016 The Buck Stops Here

A few photos from the field to get the blood pumping on the eve of the Wisconsin gun deer season.  Ellis cousins Don Dlobik and Dave Dlobik tagged 8-point bucks bowhunting in Waukesha County during the rut. Don’s buck weighed in at 183 pounds. To date, however, he has not shared any t... More

10/21/2016 Vote Constitution, Freedom First

This editorial is solely the opinion of the OWO Publisher and in no way reflects the views of any advertiser or contributor working with On Wisconsin Outdoors. Corrupt government, corrupt media threaten America The marriage of a corrupt government with a corrupt media means the most dangerous enem... More

9/30/2016 3 Counties, 4 Hunts begin fall seasons

The camp cooking of Shaune Himmler Augsburger and Alan Augsburger alone is enough to bring a hunter to Northern Wisconsin Outfitters. We’re still waiting for the final tally from Northern Wisconsin Outfitters following the first weeks of the bear hunt, with several hunters still looking to ... More

9/18/2016 It’s the First Week of Bear Camp…and what could be better than that?

Reader Note: More stories, guide input, and photos will be posted next week under “Bear Hunting” Mike Hart made a perfect shot on his first bear after 10 hours on stand. What can be better than a life-long friend and first time bear hunter who has been writing an ongoing diary for O... More

9/1/2016 Ballot offers peaceful protection of the Constitution

Using your ballot to protect the Constitution first will protect your freedoms as a hunter, firearms owner, and American.   Reader Note: This editorial is solely the opinion of the OWO publisher On the campaign trail, Donald Trump had taken the stick to the beehive again.  The “... More

8/11/2016 Good Fishing, and Good Hunting Dead Ahead

The fish have cooperated for the Ellis family recently in the northland, and Lori and I are heading back to Boulder Junction for one last hurrah before my wife heads back to the new herd of 1st graders that will greet her too soon in the classroom. What?  Did we blink and another summer is file... More

8/2/2016 DeerFest is Everything Deer.

Thanks for stopping by Washington County Fair Park to see us this weekend, August 5th through the 7th, at DeerFest. We’ll be waiting in Muzzy Hall booth 509 with your current issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors and a promise to talk, as they say here, “Everything Deer”. New this year... More

7/22/2016 Bob Ellis Musky Classic

Lightning strikes twice.  David Morton shows the 45-inch fish taken and released on Presque Isle with his father, John Morton that wins the 2016 Bob Ellis Classic.  The father-son team also won the 2015 BEC…leading the rest of us losers to contemplate a lawsuit. The Ellis family ... More

7/6/2016 Time To Buy Time

Supreme Court threatened by judicial activism Reader Note: This editorial is solely the opinion of the OWO Publisher Relisting of the Gray Wolf for federal protection as an endangered species is a reminder of the vital importance of what president we elect in November, and who will appoint the nex... More

6/27/2016 A man has got to know his limitations….

Clint Eastwood said it.  And I believe it.  And so I am mostly getting out of the way this week and letting OWO columnist and fishing expert Wayne Morgenthaler carry the load.  I simply can’t compete with what Wayne is bringing to the table. Wayne Morgenthaler, OWO writer clo... More

6/20/2016 A goodbye to Steve Sankey

Life-long friend Mark Sankey and his brother Bill are saying goodbye on this Friday night to their brother Steve.  Consider this Blog a simple salute to good memories made with Steve, but maybe even more so a salute with respect to the men left behind who took such good care of their special ne... More

6/12/2016 Early Thoughts on 2016 Hunting?

Two long-time friends that you often read about in On Wisconsin Outdoors, Mike Hart and Scott Heitman, are fired up with the knowledge that they will be bear hunting this fall after long waits for their Wisconsin harvest permits.  Hart is writing a diary for us as he prepares to hunt as a roo... More

6/6/2016 What a Man Really Wants

What does a man really want?  It hit me, as I checked the On Wisconsin Outdoors’ incoming news wire this morning, that Derek Donner’s picture does indeed say a thousand words about that pondering.  A man wants to fish.  And fishing is God’s plan so that early in lif... More

5/26/2016 Memorial Day Calling

First and foremost, let’s remember this weekend the veterans who died defending our freedom.  It’s the only reason we are able to pick and choose between fishing, golfing and anything else that calls us to play or work across America.  It’s a strange cycle.  Those w... More

5/21/2016 A Hunter’s Mental Toughness

The long drought continued; it was getting too easier not to expect a nice gobbler to show up than to keep the faith that he was coming.  Isn’t it so easy to lose the mental edge when you haven’t seen a turkey of any kind, or maybe a deer during that season, for hours or even days? ... More

5/14/2016 Opening Day Success

You might just call our opening day of the 2016 Wisconsin fishing season on the Manitowish Chain a stinging success. You know what I mean if you’ve ever felt the whack of a heavy smallmouth bass taking a crankbait, with the fish then refusing  to surrender without a fight. Most notable ... More

5/6/2016 Family Time-Wisconsin Fishing Season

Just received word from my brother, John Ellis that the annual spring struggle coaxing the water up the sand point well to our small cabin on the Manitowish Chain ended in victory this morning. That’s not always a given.  Cold water is flowing from the garage 100 feet to the lakeside cabi... More

4/29/2016 Turkey Tales from Marathon, Grant Counties

First, would you like to read a very entertaining turkey tale from north central Wisconsin near Wausau, with some fish tails as usual thrown in to boot?  Connect with Upland Game Hunting on this website and scroll to Central Wisconsin Outdoor Reports (4-26-2016) for photos and stories by OWO wr... More

4/21/2016 April-A Good Month to be Alive in Wisconsin

The surf and turf games are erupting nicely all over this fine state.  April is for breaking out, and a great month to be alive and an outdoorsman in Wisconsin. Good buddy Jim Olsson is back at his usual antics terrorizing the fish and game of Wisconsin.  The photo below is of Jim wit... More

4/5/2016 The Keys to a Great Florida Trip

 This alligator was one of many seen in the Everglades on the way to the Florida Keys. Located in the heart of the Florida Keys between the more famous Key Largo and Key West, Key Marathon was our target last week for a 7-day great escape.  Lori and I experienced the Keys for the first ... More

3/22/2016 Turkey Tags Available

According to a DNR release received March 18, Wisconsin turkey hunters are reminded that leftover spring turkey permits go on sale beginning March 21.The 109,367 leftover permits for the 2016 spring turkey hunting season will be first issued for sale by zone, one zone per day. Each zone will have a ... More

3/10/2016 Ice Out! Almost Anyway!

With warm weather come thoughts of open water on the inland lakes, at least here in southern Wisconsin where ice conditions are deteriorating rapidly.  Some fishermen are venturing out on the rivers including the Wisconsin at the Dells and north to Wausau and the Fox at DePere in search of wall... More