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In the near future after 100,000 copies of our March-April 2020 issue are on the streets throughout Wisconsin I will be adding to this blog, but wanted to post these photos now of 11 bluebirds on a tree in our backyard. The photos are referenced in OWO’s Badger Birds (Tom Carpenter column) in the new issue as being posted in this blog and I don’t want readers traveling to this website and being…bluebird-less. I don’t t...
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1/10/2013 So Close, So Far on the Milwaukee Harbor

1-10-2013 So close still meant oh… so far on the Milwaukee Harbor Tuesday afternoon.  With just a couple of hours of light to target browns, my brother John Ellis and I served as net man and camera-man for Jim Olsson of Mukwonago and Craig Roffers of Waterford as the two fishing addicts... More

1/3/2013 Ready, Aim...Fire the Liberal Media

1-3-2013 Let’s today contrast American perspectives of life and the value of freedom, as seen through the views of two people speaking on whether or not firearms should be further restricted in the United States. Keep reading. We also throw in yet another example of pure media hypocrisy on th... More

12/27/2012 Hi Wisconsin,

The January-February issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors will be posted today on the homepage and on the streets of Wisconsin beginning tomorrow.  We’re chasing deer and pheasants to end our 2012 and will pick our outdoor writing up next week right where we left off.  A healthy 2013 to yo... More

12/21/2012 The Good, The Bad and the Coyote Ugly

12-21-2012 We’ve  been trumpeting On Wisconsin Outdoors’ new column, “On the Trapline with Arnie Groehler” for a few weeks because if you’re not reading it yet,  you’re missing something good.  We posted Arnie’s newest writing and photos unde... More

12/12/2012 Beavers, Holsters & Deer

12-13-2012 “On the Trapline with Arnie Groehler” is posted again both under “Trapping” on this website, “Deer Hunting” and we’ve thrown him too under “Outdoor News”.  Until OWO readers catch on that this new column is a weekly feature, we&r... More

12/6/2012 Wisconsin’s Biggest Bucks

12-6-2012 On Wisconsin Outdoors continues to receive and post many stories and photos from the Wisconsin bowhunting and firearms seasons.  Link with “Deer Hunting” on this site to take it all in and make sure to scroll back a few pages to see some of the big bucks and personal stor... More

11/29/2012 Deer Season Memories

11-29-2012 If Wisconsin’s deer herd numbers and correlating hunting experience has seen tough times over the last decade in many regions, we who traditionally hunt in Vilas County have been in the abyss.  Hunting had evolved and deteriorated to going through the motions to see nothing. H... More

11/27/2012 A Monday Note….

Good Monday morning after a long deer hunt in the Wisconsin north woods. I just crawled out of the forests of Boulder Junction in Vilas County to find a ton of photos and stories waiting for posting on the On Wisconsin Outdoors website. We’re getting right to that, as you will soon see, and w... More

11/26/2012 'Nothing says love like safety equipment'

November 26, 2012 By: Joanne M. Haas/Bureau of Law Enforcement Warden entertains & educates through final gun-deer day Warden Wire concluded five days of its tweet-along by riding with Warden Mike Young of Outagamie County on the final day of the 2012 Gun-Deer Hunt, marking it with many stops... More

11/15/2012 QDM and the Traditional Wisconsin Gun Deer Season

November 15, 2012 First, Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to give personal thanks for what we have, starting with freedom, family and health.  It’s also right to thank our November-December sponsors and advertisers first, (many of whom have supported OWO year-round) who allow you to r... More

11/1/2012 The 2012 Vote; an American Obligation to Defend the Constitution, Freedom

11-1-2012 The large majority of Americans who have inherited our freedom received it as a gift earned on the sacrifices and lives of the relative few. The blessing of liberty handed to us came with no price tag attached except an expectation to defend her against any foreign or domestic enemy. ... More

10/26/2012 Deer, Feral Pigs and Goose Assassins

10-26-2012 By Dick Ellis The November-December issue of On Wisconsin Outdoors is posted on our homepage.  Check it out.  We have numerous deer stories with bear, waterfowl and pheasant hunting columns and great photos also grabbing the spotlight. Our fall fishing focus in print includes ... More

10/18/2012 Weekly Trapping Column Introduced, Sturgeon Spearing Deadline Looms

10-18-12 By Dick Ellis The next time I feel like things aren’t fair in the field because I didn’t see a deer or another buck eluded me maybe I had better think about Don Christensen.  The 47-year old Christensen, a married father of two from Webster, Wisconsin is an avid outdoorsm... More

10/11/2012 October is Surf & Turf Time

10-11-2012 It doesn’t matter if fishing or hunting gets your blood going, October and November is the time.  Jerry Kiesow, On Wisconsin Outdoors’ flyfishing expert wandered out to the Sheboygan this week to check on the fall salmon run.  With the exceptio... More

10/4/2012 Crappie Fishing is Best in Lifetime

10-4-2012 Certain things make an outdoor writer take notice, not the least of which is news of hot fishing coming over the On Wisconsin Outdoors wire. That’s newspaper talk. I don’t really have a wire. Okay so it’s e-mail.  I still don’t know how to twitter and it takes... More

9/27/2012 Northern Duck Opener is Best Ever

9-27-2012 Now, that was one fine duck opener.  In fact, September 22 was the best in decades. After hiking into Vilas County backwaters on the Manitowish Chain teeming with wild rice, Bob Johnson of Mukwonago, John Ellis of Muskego and I helped set decoys and settled in to wait for the 9:00 a... More

9/21/2012 Wolf Harvest Tags Sent, Duck Hunt on Horizon

9-20-2012 Thanks for connecting with On Wisconsin Outdoors. We post new hunting and fishing material every day of the week, including your own photos and stories from the field. Send your photos, writing, or information for your outdoor organization to  We will ... More

9/14/2012 Big Bears, Challenging Doves and the Diversity of Wisconsin

I have done my share of criticizing the management of hunting or fishing in Wisconsin, most notably my ongoing scrutiny through a syndicated column on the drastic decrease of deer numbers in Vilas County where my family hunts, and other regions. Overwhelmingly though, I have loved Wisconsin as a hun... More

9/11/2012 Watch for the Dick Ellis columns from the Mike Foss bear camp

Watch for the Dick Ellis columns from the Mike Foss bear camp to be posted soon, including the hands-on story of the 528 pound boar nicknamed Wood Tick taken by Jarrett Bolssen, 12, of Green Bay. More

9/6/2012 Bear Hunt Begins, Treestands Recalled

9-6-2012 First things first.  Rivers Edge Treestands of Cumberland Wisconsin has announced  a recall that includes Big Foot, Lite Foot and Baby Big Foot “hang-on“ treestands. The recall pertains specifically to 14,000 units produced in 2012 that do not meet manufacturer specif... More

8/30/2012 Hunt, fish, watch football

8-30-2012 How sweet it is to be in Wisconsin in September. We made the return trip to a Waukesha County farm Sunday to ask again for permission to hunt doves with the new season beginning September 1st.  It’s a great tune-up for the dogs before the waterfowl and upland game seasons and ... More

8/22/2012 Fishing, Hunting Collision Right On Time...

8-22-2012 The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association’s (WWA) 13th Annual State Shoot is taking place this Saturday, August 25 and you are invited. The WWA has personally worked with the Sporting Clays Course Manager at Wern Valley Sportsmen’s Club in Waukesha to make this course attractive to ... More

8/16/2012 September Express, and hunting, is on the fast track

8-16-2012 Looking down the long, dusty path that I once walked, I remember those four years long ago carrying flush-end blocks and bricks and mud for masons as a laborer; hard work years they were, that eventually shoved me back to college, journalism and an easier-on- the back life as an outdoor w... More

8/9/2012 Bear Season Looms, More than 7000 Apply For Wolf Hunt

8-9-12 As many of you already know from navigating the On Wisconsin Outdoors’ website still in its infancy, the primary purpose of this Thursday blog is to introduce and link our visitors to all the outdoor “stuff” we’ve posted that week.  If you are interested in a top... More

8/2/2012 Young People & Guns…Burlington High School shows us what it’s really all about

More than 30 years ago, many of us attending New Berlin West High School would often gather in the parking lot during a fall lunch hour, pop the trunks and compare shotguns.  Between fall and winter sports, we were going shooting or hunting after school. No one turned an eye in our direction.&n... More