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Notes from the Field: October 2022



Heroes and guides hitting the fields for an outstanding day of hunting at the 5th Annual North Dakota Wild Pheasant Hunt.
Photo courtesy of WWIA Guide Jake Whipkey.


Notes From the Field: October 2022

October was a busy but exciting month as we proudly hosted eight world-class events across the country that included hunting and fishing opportunities for whitetail deer, wild pheasant, geese, woodcock, muskie and pike fishing, and more. We were also honored to have some tremendous fundraisers thanks to our incredible WWIA friends and family who continue to raise awareness and support on behalf of our outstanding combat-wounded veterans. Read on to learn more about the wonderful opportunities our Heroes were able to enjoy during this month and stay tuned as we close out the year with more amazing adventures to follow. As always, we remain grateful for your generosity and support. 💜


Events and Fundraisers


  16th Annual Camp Hackett Group A 

    September 29- October 3  Phillips, WI

Three of our combat-wounded Warriors traveled to Camp Hackett, the birthplace of WWIA, for six days of world-class hunting, camaraderie, and relaxation in the pristine wilderness of the Northwoods for the 16th Annual Camp Hackett Group A Event. This event offered an outstanding combination of fishing and hunting for our Heroes with the assistance of skilled local guides. Our Warriors were able to bow hunt for trophy whitetails, hunt for ruffed grouse, woodcock, and geese, and fish for the elusive and mighty Wisconsin muskie. Their time in the field, on the water, and around the dinner table was exciting and memorable, as they shared stories, laughter, and life experiences with one another.

Although the hunting was top-notch, the bonds formed between brothers were without question the highlight of the trip. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of the local community and the following individuals and Foundation partners: Bob Bolz, Mike and Joan Reed, John Carlson and and Ross's Sport Shop, Jake Nelson, Tom Schenk and Pippa of Chippewa River Rods, Don Angelo, Isaac Angelo, Chad Deleasky, Jeff and DeDee Schillinger, Travis Deleasky, Rob Deleasky, Chris Smetak, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Daun, Jeff Williams, Greg and Jesse from Price County Electric, Pastor Jason Enderle of Phillips Baptist Church, Dave Hintz and the Hides for Heroes Team, Dragonfly EnergyBattleborn BatteriesChristopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Wayne and Missy Riebe of The Gateway LodgeWaupaca Foundry, and Burgers Bar & Grill. Our continued thanks to the Hartford VFW Post 8834Tomahawk Wisconsin VFW Post 2687 and the Veterans Administration for their amazing support to our combat-wounded veterans. High praise and appreciation to WWIA Guide Jake Whipkey for his stellar leadership, coordination, and service.

To learn more about WWIA's Northern Healing Center, Camp Hackett, listen to our special podcast episode: "A History of Camp Hackett: Ground Zero" by clicking here.

"The WWIA has given me a new reason to serve. After 20 years, I have lost my way. I fight, train, sweat and bleed for my brothers left and right of me. But this feeling here has reminded me that we fight for these great Americans. The tribe here is one that all others should emulate. We hunt to feed each other, by saying that I mean that we are feeding our hearts, minds, and souls, mine were empty. These men and women who support WWIA are by far the tribe in which we all seek to be a part of and the reason we serve. Because of this, I will finish my next ten years more lethal than the last. You WWIA make America stronger, my heart and soul are full again and there are no words to say or write to tell you my thanks."


 2nd Annual South Dakota Archery Mule Deer Hunt

 October 5-10  Meadow, SD

Four of our combat-wounded Warriors recently traveled to Meadow, South Dakota for the 2nd Annual South Dakota Archery Mule Deer Hunt. This unique event offers a true hunting experience from start to finish with our Heroes hiking across various terrain, using pack-goats, and camping in tents in the areas they are hunting. Once everyone got settled into camp, they had time for some target practice before enjoying a delicious dinner courtesy of Jessica Sacrison. They were also given an orientation of what to expect over the coming days by Host Finn Sacrison, and then enjoyed some downtime while getting to know one another.

Everyone was up early the next morning for a quick breakfast and then set out for four full days of hunting. Our Heroes covered a lot of ground throughout their hunt as they glassed and stalked from different vantage points along the buttes. There was a plethora of game seen throughout their stay, with a nice mule deer buck being harvested by Hero Timm from ninety yards out. Hero Jesse also harvested a beautiful whitetail doe. After tagging out, the Heroes had an opportunity to get in some coyote hunting as well. On the last evening of the event, our Heroes were honored and welcomed by local members of the community at the Lemmon American Legion Post 66. They were treated to a mouth-watering rib cook-off where they were the honorary judges. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and provided the perfect exclamation point to an incredible trip. The hunting, camaraderie, food, and overall enjoyment at this event were second-to-none, and our Heroes returned home with new friendships and lifelong memories of an exciting, restorative, and relaxing time in South Dakota. Our gratitude and thanks to event Host Finn Sacrison and his outstanding supporters for their coordination and care, and for making this event so exceptional from start to finish. Additional appreciation and thanks to Ian Sacrison, Joe Loll, Brian Hansen, Doug Zastrow, Kova Sacrison, Drew and Zane Sacrison, Virginia Utter, Cynthia Palmeno, Pat and Bard Clark, Tate and Emma Clark, Jerry and Carolyn Petik, Mike and Jane Gebhart, Travis and Renae Gebhart, and Dalton and Sara Gebhart. Special recognition and praise to WWIA Guide Derek VanBuren for his outstanding efforts and support throughout this five-day excursion. 

"If I had to use one word to describe the event, I'd go with "epic". I'm wind burnt, full of cactus needles and sore from miles of hiking and I honestly feel amazing and would do it all over again. That style of hunting is a new obsession for me without a doubt. Thank you again for letting me be a part of something so amazing."


14th Annual Grand Ciel Lodge South Dakota Pheasant Hunt and Walleye Fishing Event

October 7-10  Plankinton, SD

South Dakota is home to some of the best pheasant hunting in the world and five of our Purple Heart Heroes converged on Plankinton, South Dakota to take part in the 14th Annual Grand Ciel Lodge South Dakota Pheasant Hunt and Walleye Fishing Event. This long-standing event is held at the scenic  Grand Ciel Lodge, surrounded by miles of rolling prairies and bountiful creek bottoms, a true sportsman's paradise. Once our Heroes arrived and settled in, they enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal of pulled pork and ribs with an apple crisp for dessert. Everyone spent time getting to know one another around the dinner table. 
The next morning our Heroes had an early breakfast before heading to the Missouri River for a morning of walleye fishing. Fishing was excellent as everyone caught a plethora of walleye. Before heading out for their pheasant hunt, a gun safety briefing was given around the campfire as they discussed the agenda and positions to ensure everyone was prepared. It was an outstanding day in the field as a total of 19 pheasants were harvested. Later that evening, everyone had a wonderful prime rib dinner at the Commerce Street Bar and Grill while reminiscing about the day's events. They ended a fantastic day relaxing in a wood-fired sauna. 
Everyone arose early for another incredible morning of pheasant hunting, as another 20 birds were harvested. After a hearty lunch, it was time for another successful afternoon of walleye fishing. After numerous walleye were caught, everyone headed back to the lodge to relax, watch some football, spend some more time in the sauna, and then feast on a delicious pheasant pizza with goat cheese and whiskey meatballs. Great conversations were had amongst the Heroes as they talked about what a remarkable time they had throughout the past three days.  
When you combine world-class pheasant hunting, stellar walleye fishing, the camaraderie of our combat-wounded veterans, and top-tier hospitality in a scenic environment, it's easy to see why this event is relished and so highly regarded by our Heroes. Our gratitude and thanks to Hosts Brad and Julie Boisen for their tremendous support of WWIA and our Heroes during this event and throughout the past 14 years. Special recognition and thanks to WWIA Guides Corbin McClanahan and Gabe Fierros for their attention and care throughout this four-day event.

"This trip completely exceeded all expectations I had. With it being such a small group of Warriors, we were really able to develop a deep connection that will last beyond the end of the trip. This program is very special, and it works. It can be so hard to heal or get away while at home with the business of life, but these trips are truly healing. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity." 

10th Annual Bayfield Cast & Blast

October 13-17  Iron River, WI

Five of our Warriors traveled to Iron River, Wisconsin to partake in some world-class archery whitetail hunting and muskie fishing over five days at the 10th Annual Bayfield Cast & Blast. As our Heroes landed and disembarked, they were greeted and welcomed by the airport's Director of Business Development, Jana Kayser, who presented them with welcome bags and thanked them for their service and sacrifice to our country. After getting settled into their accommodations, two of the Heroes were able to get in a quick hunt, then everyone enjoyed dinner lovingly prepared by Brenda Diesing and Lori Huele while getting acquainted and discussing plans for the coming days. The remainder of the evening was spent relaxing and preparing for the next morning's activities.

The next morning our Heroes were treated to a delicious breakfast at the famous Delta Diner, a treasured tradition for this event over the past ten years. Then everyone got into their assigned boats and headed out for an exciting morning of muskie fishing. Although it was a cold and snowy morning, everyone still had a great time. As they prepared to head back to the cabin in the afternoon, they were blessed to see some beautiful bald eagles flying along the frosted fall-colored trees. It was a special sight that everyone relished. After getting cleaned and warmed up, everyone headed to Buskey Bay Resort for a delicious and bountiful dinner with the Hosts, including local event volunteers and supporters. It was a wonderful evening full of conversation and laughs with new friends. 

Our Heroes rose early the next morning, and quickly got situated in their respective blinds or tree stands about forty-five minutes before first light, while the snow lightly glistened under the waning starlight. There was a great deal of deer activity and Hero Scott was able to harvest a nice mature doe. After lunch at the cabin, there was time to rest and then everyone eagerly returned to the fields and woods for an afternoon hunt. Once again, there was plenty of activity, but no deer were taken. Everyone's spirits remained high though as they headed back to camp for another outstanding dinner as they shared stories and talked about another awesome day spent in the Northwoods.  

The following morning everyone rose around 0500 and had a hearty breakfast as they ventured out and got set up for a morning hunt. The weather had shifted with snow squalls moving in and out throughout the day, making for challenging hunting conditions, yet there were still plenty of animals moving around and Hero Brian was able to harvest a respectable whitetail buck in the evening. Many deer were seen, but some were passed on and others were just out of range. Everyone was grateful for another stellar day of hunting as they spent the evening relaxing and talking about their adventures over a wonderful dinner next to the warmth of the woodstove.

On the last morning, some of the Heroes decided to try and get in one final hunt. Although no deer were taken, it was still a magical time with plenty of wildlife spotted, such as bald eagles, timber wolves, deer, and turkeys. It was a testament to what a rich and wondrous environment this area truly is. Our Heroes relished their time in the field and on the water throughout their stay, but the true highlight of this trip was connecting with other Purple Heart recipients, sharing like-minded experiences, and building new friendships. This event would not be possible without the support of the local community, and we would like to recognize and thank PJ's Cabin Store,  Liquor in the Woods, Mr. Russ and Lora Heule and Dairyland Fence Co.Big TineMilitary Order of the Purple Heart (Duluth), Delta United Church of Christ, Ben Barnes, and Bruce Anderson for their generosity, support, and contributions year after year. Our sincere gratitude to Jeff Evans, Leif Wallin, James Klobucher, Keith Klobucher, and Josh Teigen for their invaluable assistance and support. High praise and appreciation to Hosts Chris and Brenda Diesing of Buskey Bay Resort and the entire Bayfield Team of volunteers, supporters, and donors for a decade of honoring and serving our Purple Heart Heroes with this world-class event. Additional gratitude goes to WWIA Guide Jeremy Smith for his expertise and support during this event.

"Amazing trip, the way the community comes together to support this event is very welcoming and really neat to witness. The food was great, the guides were awesome. This is the first time I have really opened up around other vets since I have been out of the service. This event is so much more than a hunting trip. I really connected with other vets, which does not happen for me. The cabin atmosphere and Hosts really enabled that."


4th Annual Hero Shot Archery Whitetail Hunt

October 17-21  Quincy, IL

The 4th Annual Hero Shot Archery Whitetail Hunt proudly welcomed two of our combat-wounded Heroes to Quincy, Illinois for some first-class hunting in the surrounding fields and woodlands. This exceptional event paired our Heroes together with Jason Selman, owner of Hero Shot Outfitters over five memorable days. Our Warriors relished their time in the field, harvesting a beautiful buck in the scenic Illinois countryside. In the evenings, our Heroes shared stories and laughs while enjoying great food and developing strong relationships with the Hosts and each other. This environment provided the ideal combination of hospitality and healing in the great outdoors, and we are extremely grateful to have the support of Hero Shot Outfitters in offering this event. High gratitude and thanks to our gracious Host, Jason Selman for honoring our Heroes with this unique opportunity and to everyone on the Hero Shot team who welcomed and cared for our Heroes throughout their stay. Our recognition and appreciation to WWIA Guide Asa Barrett for his assistance and coordination from start to finish. 


5th Annual North Dakota Wild Pheasant Hunt

October 20-24  Garrison, ND

The outstanding patriots of Garrison, North Dakota proudly welcomed five of our Heroes for the 5th Annual North Dakota Wild Pheasant Hunt In Memory of Glen Schreiner. Upon arrival, our Heroes were graciously outfitted with hunting gear and supplies courtesy of Scheels Sporting Goods and then were given an honorary escort though town courtesy of the  McLean County Sheriff's Department, where residents and businesses came out to show their appreciation for our Heroes service and sacrifice. Everyone settled into their wonderful accommodations at the Cabernet Inn Lodge before enjoying a delicious meet and greet dinner between the Heroes, Host, and event volunteers at the Totten Trail Bar & Grill. Our Heroes enjoyed meeting members of the local community and were also gifted with sweatshirts from Krause's Market and beautiful coaster and koozie sets courtesy of the Staehr family.

Everyone hit the fields early the next morning to shoot some clay pigeons and get a safety briefing before a full morning of hunting. The hunting that followed over the next few days was simply exceptional as our Heroes harvested a total of 135 pheasants! On the final evening of the event, a wonderful dinner banquet was held at the Garrison Fire Department. Everyone dined on pheasant nuggets and prime rib, courtesy of Krause's Markets. It was an enjoyable time of sharing stories, laughs, and highlights of their time in Garrison. The community support and patriotism surrounding this event are second-to-none, and the residents and businesses of Garrison showed our Heroes a memorable time that will be treasured for years to come.

Special thanks to Brenda Staehr for her exceptional event support, to West River Transit for providing transportation throughout their entire stay, to the American Legion Post 49 Honor Guard and Ladies Auxiliary to Douglas Gaming & Sports, This That and More for presenting each Hero with a beautiful hand-made quilt. Our sincere appreciation to the incredible local event guides: Greg Opsal, Chris Brown, Mike Zimmerman, Rick Wagner, and Dick Tronset. High praise to Mike Marshall, Richard Foss, and Vince Selensky for taking such great care of our Heroes with their culinary skills. Our sincere gratitude and applause to Hosts and sponsors, Roy McKenzie of 4-Bulls Meat/Seafood & Deli of Ocean Springs, MS, the Garrison Chamber of CommerceKrause's Market, Schreiner/Sayler Farms, and everyone who worked together to make this event such a tremendous success. Additional thanks to the community of Ocean Springs, Mississippi for their involvement and support of the Inaugural “End of Summer BBQ Cook-off & Concert” fundraiser that was held in late September. Through the generosity of local patrons, businesses, and sponsors, $10,000 was raised in support of this event and future WWIA events. Special recognition and thanks to WWIA Guide Jake Whipkey for his contributions and care throughout this stellar event.

"Words can never express my gratitude for this opportunity. The people of North Dakota are the most gracious and kind people I have ever met. The hospitality here has been amazing. No one has ever treated me so nicely for my
service. It seriously makes me want to cry. This hunt was awesome. I am an avid pheasant hunter and have never dreamed of a hunt this good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this trip makes it all worthwhile."


Inaugural Michigan Patriots Duck and Goose Hunt

October 20-24   Hickory Corners, MI

WWIA was proud to introduce a new event this fall with the Inaugural Michigan Patriots Duck and Goose Hunt. Four Heroes gathered in Hickory Corners, Michigan to partake in five days of premiere waterfowl hunting. Upon arrival, our Heroes were welcomed at the Bellevue Conservation Gun Club by owner Dave Cross and Matt Frank from O.F. Mossberg & Sons. They allowed our Heroes to use Mossberg 940D Waterfowl edition shotguns while at the range and then generously gifted and surprised each of our Heroes with a brand-new shotgun. It was an unbelievable gesture of kindness, and our Heroes were humbled and grateful. Everyone enjoyed a nice dinner that evening and were joined by the Segur brothers, who were going to be guiding them during their upcoming hunts. Everyone spent time chatting and getting to know one another and expressed their anticipation about the next day's hunt.

Morning came quickly and after breakfast, the guides took our Heroes to a corn field just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan for their first hunt. Everyone's expectations were met with a total of 19 geese, 3 wood ducks, and a pigeon being harvested. It was a great start to this new event and there were plenty of smiles to go around. They headed back to the cabin, ate lunch, cleaned their birds, then went out for another evening hunt. It was a fantastic first day in Michigan.

The next day, everyone was filled with anticipation as they headed to Mud Lake and took their positions in their blind. Breakfast was served in the blind and afterwards some beautiful wood ducks were harvested by our Heroes. Later that afternoon, Brian Ballard, a master decoy maker and highly respected artist, came by the cabin and presented the Heroes with raw decoys. He graciously spent about five hours teaching everyone how to hand paint their decoys and adding to their skillset. It was an unexpected and treasured experience for our Heroes. Dinner that evening was also a treat as some of the harvested geese were wonderfully prepared. Everyone feasted on wild goose with gravy and Lake Michigan salmon while sharing stories and laughs and playing cards late into the night.

Day four would prove to be another incredible day as our Heroes started their morning setting up in a soybean field near their cabin. They saw wave after wave of geese across the early morning sky and impressively harvested 23 geese. They returned to the cabin to clean the geese, then headed out for a pizza and more great conversation. Later that evening, Brian Ballard presented each Hero with their own decoy setup, consisting of 6-8 hand-painted decoys to use for their own future hunting excursions. It was a generous and unexpected highlight and the perfect ending to a phenomenal event. The Heroes raved about their time in Michigan and as incredible as the hunting was, their favorite part of this trip was the camaraderie and new friendships formed. 

This event would not have been possible without the generosity and thoughtfulness of the following individuals: Bellevue Conservation Gun Club, Bob's Gun & TackleOtter Decoy Company, Matt Frank and O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Brian Ballard, and Josh Hagen. Special thanks to Jed, Tyler, and Grant Segur for expertly guiding our Heroes throughout their stay, consistently putting them on birds, and for preparing and processing their harvests. High gratitude and thanks to Brock Howland for hosting this spectacular event and to WWIA Guide Matt Brannon for his outstanding coordination and efforts. 

"This trip has been such a huge blessing from the amazing guides to the beautiful scenery, this hunt has been perfect. Everyone involved in the hunt spared no expense in regard to making sure all of us were well taken care of, were comfortable, and were going to experience waterfowl hunting at it’s best. All of the guides were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Every one of them were kind and patient with us. I am thankful to have been invited on this trip and can’t wait to take what I learned and apply it to my own hunting. Thanks Matt and WWIA!"


16th Annual Camp Hackett Group B

October 27-31   Phillips, WI

WWIA Founder and CEO, John McDaniel, welcomed three of our Heroes to the birthplace of the Foundation for the 16th Annual Camp Hackett Group B Event. This long-standing event offered both fishing and hunting for our Warriors with the assistance of outstanding local guides. Our Warriors were able to bow hunt for whitetails, shotgun hunt for ruffed grouse and geese, and fish for prized Wisconsin muskie. Whether in the field, on the water, or around the campfire, the friendships made between fellow Heroes were the highlight of this trip and will carry on long after the event. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of the local community and the following individuals and Foundation partners: Colonel (Retired) Arthur Kandarian, Bob Bolz, Mike and Joan Reed, John Carlson and Ross's Sport Shop, John Kleczewski, Tom Schenk and Pippa of Chippewa River Rods, Don Angelo, Isaac Angelo, Chad Deleasky, Jeff and DeDee Schillinger, Travis Deleasky, Rob Deleasky, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Daun, Jeff Williams, Casey Williams, Dave Hintz and the Hides for Heroes Team, Dragonfly EnergyBattleborn BatteriesChristopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Wayne and Missy Riebe of The Gateway LodgeWaupaca Foundry, and Burgers Bar & Grill. Our continued thanks to the Hartford VFW Post 8834Tomahawk Wisconsin VFW Post 2687 and the Veterans Administration for their amazing support to our combat-wounded veterans. High praise and appreciation to WWIA Associate, Colonel (Retired) Arthur Kandarian for his leadership and support.

To learn more about WWIA's Northern Healing Center, Camp Hackett, listen to our special podcast episode: "A History of Camp Hackett: Ground Zero" by clicking here.

"I have been truly honored and humbled by this experience in the Northwoods area of Wisconsin. I'd like to thank the WWIA representatives, supporters, and the special volunteers of the Foundation. Their effortless generosity, hospitality, and appreciation shown towards me and other Purple Heart Heroes has been an astonishing testament that our service and sacrifices for this country doesn't go unnoticed. I commend John McDaniel and Arthur Kandarian for your dedication and commitment towards making this an unforgettable experience, I've learned several lessons from their shared experiences in life after the military. Those conversations varied from family values, leader ship styles, and the best darn tough socks and bamboo long johns. This experience has inspired me in ways that have been unimaginable, and I look forward to reaching out to other Purple Heart Heroes to hopefully give them the opportunity to have this once in a lifetime experience! This trip has also compelled me to seek assistance in dealing with my PTSD and depression, this has been more than a top-notch outdoor experience! I would like to thank everyone who aided in making this an amazing past 4 days."


Sand Mountain Pheasant Shoot Fundraiser

October 1st   

The 2nd Annual Sand Mountain Pheasant Shoot Fundraiser was another tremendous success. Thanks to McMullins Retrievers and Coosa Bend Kennels for volunteering their time and dogs to help make this happen. Huge shout out to Boaz High School FFA and Mr. Cole for helping with the birds. A total of $9,600 was generously raised. This fundraiser will directly benefit and help sponsor the Inaugural North Alabama Turkey Hunt coming up in March of 2023. Thanks to Kabco BuildersWill Penton Agency - Alfa InsuranceHOUSE CounselingMarshall Dekalb Electric Cooperative3C Transportation & Rentals LLCSand Mountain Pawn & Outdoors, and Boaz FFA for helping sponsor this event. 


Mercer Muskie Madness Fundraiser

October 14-15  Mercer, WI

The 2022 Mercer Muskie Madness was another huge success! An awesome time was had by all who came together for a fantastic two days of fishing in support of WWIA and our combat-wounded Warriors. An impressive total of $3,560.00 was raised thanks to the generosity of all involved. Our sincere appreciation and thanks to Wayne and Missy Riebe, owners of the The Gateway Lodge and Resort, for hosting this annual fundraiser and for their tremendous support of WWIA and our Purple Heart Heroes throughout the years. Congratulations to the winners and additional thanks to the volunteers, participants, as well as the generous event sponsors. 🐟


Burgers Bar & Grill WWIA Fundraiser

October 20 Phillips, WI

Please join us in recognizing and thanking Burgers Bar & Grill in Phillips, Wisconsin for recently hosting the "Phillips Rib Cook Off" Fundraiser in support of WWIA and our Heroes. This annual charity event is graciously coordinated and hosted by Mike and Joan Reed, owners of Burgers Bar and Grill and long-time supporters of the Foundation. Through the generous efforts of so many local patriots, a total of $2,625.00 was raised from this fundraiser, and will go to support the local WWIA Camp Hackett events in Phillips. Our gratitude and thanks to Mike and Joan Reed, and to the tremendous staff at Burgers Bar and Grill. Additional thanks to all of the participants and patrons who came out to have a great time and help support our combat-wounded veterans. 🍔


Tower Wood Mobile Home Park Halloween Dance

October 29  Lake Wales, FL

Our gratitude and thanks to the residents and staff of the Tower Wood Mobile Home Park in Lake Wales, FL for graciously hosting a Halloween Dance fundraiser in support of WWIA and our combat-wounded Purple Heart Heroes. Everyone had a wonderful time as they danced and celebrated late into the evening. Through the generosity and thoughtfulness of those in attendance, a total of $3,394.00 was donated to WWIA. Wow! What a tremendous gesture of kindness from these longtime supporters. Our appreciation to WWIA's own Jaybird and Trish who were on hand to DJ the event, share the mission of the Foundation, and keep the music rocking all night long. Thank you once again to the residents and staff of Tower Wood for your incredible generosity, patriotism, and support both with this fundraising dance and throughout the years! 🎃


The WWIA Podcast is Here!

We are proud to announce that the WWIA Podcast is officially here! You can listen and download new and past episodes on our website by clicking here, or on your favorite podcast service, such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc. Be sure to share this with your friends and family, and please do us a favor and leave a review. New episodes will drop every two weeks. We hope you enjoy listening to the new WWIA Podcast. 💜🎙️


Thank you for Your Generosity and Support During CFC Season

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who supported WWIA during this Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season by making a pledge, and also to those who represented WWIA at a local CFC event. Thank you for helping us continue our mission to bring Honor, Connection, and Healing to our remarkable combat-wounded Purple Heart Heroes! 


Sponsors and Friends

We would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the following supporters for their gracious contributions and dedication to WWIA and our Heroes.




2022 WWIA Southern Vermont Chapter Annual

Banquet Dinner 

Coggins Auto Group, LLC $2,000

Uncle Bob's Septic Service $2,000

Battenkill Valley Electric, LLC $2,000

Aaron Gilbert & Renovation $1,500

Kaman Composite $1,500

Callaert Construction & Landscaping $1,000

Raymond James $1,000

Sunny Side Diner $1,000

GSS Fire Extinguishers $1,000

Henry's Market $1,000

Sons of the American Legion Post #91 $1,000

Eagle Hose Auto Service $1,000

SNS Landscaping $1,000

Big Boys Toys $1,000

Atlantic Fire Sprinkler $1,000

Bear Construction $1,000

John Cerreta Excavating, LLC $1,000

H. Sausville Construction $1,000

The Dutchman's Tavern $1,000

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1332 $1,000

North Bennington Variety $500

Rack N' Reel Sporting Goods $500

Stephens of Bennington $500

Cutler Electric $500

Jeffrey Cameron $500

Davidson HVAC $500

Double D's Burgers & More $500

RK Miles Building Materials Supplier $500

Buck Stop Mini Mart $500

Bennington Builders $500

Donations toward 11th Lake Erie Trophy Walleye Fishing 

Diversident Management, Inc. $1,500

Syntec, LLC $1,500

Morgan & Lemke, DDS, M.S. $1,000

Declan Construction, Inc. $500

Akron Family Dental $500

Donations toward 16th Camp Hackett Events

John & Constance Boticki $1,000

IAP Inc. $500

Donations toward Inaugural North Alabama Turkey Hunt 

Matthew and Amy Everett $1,200

Sand Mountain Pest Management, LLC $800

Kabco Builders, Inc. $600

R-3 Contracting LLC $600

J&C Grant, LLC $500

Donations toward 10th Murphy Family & Friends Gulf Coast Hog Hunt 

Central NY Chapter 490 Military Order of the Purple Heart $500

Donations toward 7th Western PA Turkey Hunt

William Decker $500

Donations toward 9th Eagle River Muskie Chal-Lunge

  Simac's Plumbing, LLC $1,000

The Marina Bar & Everett Resort $600

Donations toward 3rd Annual WI Heroes Northland Experience Black Bear Hunt

Botten's Green Acres Golf Course $3,616

Annie Mackey Construction, Inc. $500


Gratitude & Thanks to Our Friends and Partners at

Please join us in recognizing and thanking our friends, partners, and Purple Heart Patrons at for their recent donation of $4,543.78 to WWIA. These amazing Purple Heart Patrons have donated an incredible $72,272.17 to WWIA and our Heroes since 2019 through their Freedom Fighter program. Incredible! When it comes time to order your ammunition, please consider ordering from Whenever you purchase your ammo from them, they graciously donate 1% of your entire purchase back to WWIA. All you have to do is select WWIA as your preferred “Freedom Fighter” option from the drop-down menu at checkout. And right now, you can also save $20 off any order of $200 or more! Simply go to to get started and find out more information. Our sincere thanks to for their tremendous support and to everyone who chose WWIA as their "Freedom Fighter" designation when ordering. We are honored by your generosity and partnership, and we applaud your outstanding patriotism! 


 High Praise and Appreciation to

James R. Moore VFW #8726

We would like to recognize and thank the James R. Moore VFW #8726 and their members for generously donating $5,000 to WWIA. This thoughtful donation will directly support the 4th Annual Naples VFW Big Buck Hunt. Thank you for helping us continue our mission of bringing Honor, Connection, and Healing to our Purple Heart Heroes. 💜


Recognition and Thanks to Liquor in the Woods

for Their Outstanding Support

Our appreciation and gratitude to Liquor in the Woods for their generous donation of $2,120. This gracious donation goes toward the local 3rd Annual Wisconsin Heroes Northland Experience Black Bear Hunt in Iron River, WI. Liquor in the Woods have been faithful supporters of the Foundation for several years and we are incredibly thankful for their outstanding support. 🍺


Help Our Heroes By Donating a Vehicle

Did you know that you can help support WWIA and our Heroes by donating your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, trailer or airplane? Working or not, free towing, tax benefits, and helping support our combat-wounded veterans are just a few of the benefits of using the CARS vehicle donation program. Simply click HERE to start the donation process or call CARS toll-free at 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433) to have a donation staff specialist help guide you through the donation process. If you would like to learn more about how the CARS vehicle donation program works, please click here. We thank you in advance for your support! 🚗


Support WWIA When You Shop at Amazon

You can help support WWIA whenever you shop at Amazon through the AmazonSmile program! When you select WWIA as your preferred charity, anytime you shop at Amazon a portion of your purchase will go to support WWIA and our Purple Heart Heroes! Every bit helps, and these donations come from simply shopping for items like we normally do. WWIA received $250.57 this past quarter as a result of our AmazonSmile partners! It's a simple way to make a big difference! If you're not already signed up, simply click HERE to be taken to the AmazonSmile page, and then select Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation as your charity option. You can also sign up for AmazonSmile on the Amazon Shopping app on your phone. You can find it in the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Be sure to tell others, as it's a great way to support us while doing something you already do. Thank you!


How Can You Help Support WWIA & Our Heroes?


Did you know that there are lots of different ways to help support WWIA and our Heroes? You can donate online, via mail, via PayPal, through vehicle donations, through shopping with our friends and partners, through workplace giving, through donor advised funds, legacy giving, on Giving Tuesday, and so much more! Click here to learn more about the many ways you can give and partner with WWIA in our mission to bring healing and restoration to our phenomenal combat-wounded Heroes. Thank you! 💜


Want to Learn More About WWIA? Visit Us Online! 

Our website is full of information about who we are, how we serve our Purple Heart Heroes, and how you can get involved!  Visit us today! Click HERE!


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