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120513 - Warden Blotter: Cows fail night escape, deer makes two crash entrances, fish and hunt cases

Warden Blotter: Deer can make an entrance, night flight for cows, injured hawk gets a lift, fishing & hunt cases

Eau Claire and Clark counties

Warden Scott Thiede of Eau Claire was on his way to a complaint about a deer crashing through the window of an Eau Claire Hotel when informed the deer left the room through the broken window. Within a few minutes, apparently the same deer then found the reflection of trees on a house window equally inviting. The homeowner was seated on her couch when the deer hurtled into her living room – knocking the woman to the floor in a shower of broken glass. The deer left through the broken window as it ran to a nearby woods. No serious injuries were reported.

While en route home after working an illegal nighttime deer hunting complaint, Warden Ken Thomson of Fall Creek encountered several cows on a highway during the early morning hours. Thomson was able to make contact with the sleeping farmer and assist him in getting the cows back in the fence.

Warden Scott Thiede of Eau Claire arrested a motorboat operator at the Indian Hills Drive access on Lake Altoona. Intoxicated boaters may become intoxicated drivers on the highway.

Warden Adam Hanna of Neillsville and Clark County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Kent Wright responded to an incident where a deer had entangled its antlers and legs in about a hundred yards of fence webbing. Warden Hanna was able to hold the buck down while Sergeant Wright cut the webbing off of the deer which promptly made its way back to the woods.

Warden Hanna this fall has received numerous good tips that have led to successful resolutions. Community involvement is the key to conservation.

Pierce, St.Croix and Dunn counties

In Pierce County Warden Brad Peterson caught a local raccoon hunter hunting before season and without a license. He was also found to be baiting bear illegally.

Warden Peterson captured two injured bald eagles and was able to transfer to volunteers that transported them to the Raptor Center in Minnesota.

Warden Paul Sickman of Hudson contacted a squirrel hunter on public land during the youth deer season dressed in camo. The hunter was in possession of 2 dead squirrels, but had no valid hunting license a citation issued for no license, warned for blaze orange and both squirrels seized.

Warden Sickman completed an investigation stemming from individuals operating as hunting guides that were unlicensed. Numerous citations were issued including violations for failure to register turkeys and failure to report goose harvests.

Warden Sickman organized the annual youth event at Forest Ridge Hunt Club with more than 50 youth attending. Youth were able to pheasant hunt, shoot trap and archery and fish in the stocked ponds. The event was sponsored by the Indianhead Chapter of Pheasants Forever, Star Prairie Fish and Game Association and the St. Croix County Sportsman’s Alliance.

Warden James Cleven of Colfax contacted a male subject operating a pick-up truck off road, while shining deer and drinking beer. A check on the subject showed his driver’s license was revoked for past OWI violations. The subject was turned over to a sheriff deputy who issued a citation for operating after revocation.

Warden Cleven also issued citations for hunting pheasant without a license and stamp.

Warden Wayne Flak of Menomonie gave a presentation to a special handicapped hunt on the Excel Energy property.

Green Lake, Waushara, Marquette and Waupaca counties

Warden Nate Ackerman of Berlin attended the Berlin Boat Club Meeting to speak about how to legally place buoys on the Fox River and how to go about creating an ordinance to address slow-no-wake issues. Warden Ackerman also spoke at a City Council meeting and gave the Council information on how to go about creating an ordinance and what would constitute an advisory sign.

Warden Nate Ackerman of Berlin contacted a hunter hunting over illegal bait. The bait had approximately 5 gallons of apples and 3 gallons of acorns as well as a large mineral type block. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Judi Nigbor of Montello has been assisting county law enforcement agencies concerning ATV and UTV activity increasing tremendously in Marquette County since several townships established routes. The City of Montello Police Department has been reporting problems with speed and operating on unauthorized roads. Nigbor has been assisting the police department with questions and concerns regarding ATV/UTV routes.

Warden Judi Nigbor of Montello contacted an individual hunting from an elevated stand on private property the opening day of the archery deer hunting season. The subject was illegally hunting deer over bait with a shotgun loaded with slugs.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel of Clintonville assisted the White Clay Lake Sportsman’s Club with a pheasant Learn to Hunt event. Participants received classroom instruction on firearm safety, pheasant regulations, and the life cycle of the pheasant. Participants then practiced on clay targets before going on a pheasant hunt. Several participants were able to harvest their first pheasant.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel of Clintonville contacted two subjects at a state wildlife area loading their truck with wood. The men did not have any authorization to take the wood and intended to use it for their cabin wood burning stove. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel of Clintonville checked some waterfowl hunters as they returned to shore. One of the hunters never unloaded his firearm while motoring to the landing. The hunters had harvested two birds but they did not know what they were. One was a gadwall and the other was a grebe, a protected species. Enforcement action was taken for shooting a protected species.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel of Clintonville was working waterfowl hunting enforcement on the Wolf River when he heard shots nearby 15 minutes after the close for the day. Warden Schraufnagel located the responsible hunters shooting at wood ducks. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ben Mott of Wautoma responded to a complaint that an individual had driven around the gate at Mecan Springs which is a no entry waterfowl refuge during the waterfowl season. Mott found an individual and his elderly father fishing from the boat landing. The individual admitted he was wrong, but stated his father was sick and could not walk far from the truck and all he wanted to do was take his father fishing somewhere he could access. Mott issued a warning and gave suggestions for legal shore fishing locations they could go.

Warden Mike Young of Shiocton tagged 10 bucks with velvet antlers for bow hunters.

Warden Mike Young of Shiocton received a complaint of an injured hawk. Young located and transported a red tail hawk to a wildlife rehabilitator for treatment.

Warden Ted Dremel of Waupaca assisted the Waupaca Pheasants Forever group with a Learn to Hunt pheasant program. About 20 new hunters participated in trap shooting and pheasant hunts. All who participated had a great time and enjoyed a good lunch.

Warden Ted Dremel of Waupaca worked the northern waterfowl opener. Low water and a lack of birds were found in the area near Iola. Dremel also addressed a complaint of hunter crowding and conflicts between two groups of hunters.

Warden Ted Dremel of Waupaca attended two hunter education classes this month. About 75 students attended these two courses.

Racine, Walworth and Kenosha counties

Warden Isaac Kruse of Racine County, Wardens Dave Walz and Jen Niemeyer patrolled popular fishing spots on the Root River for night fishing violations. Warden Niemeyer observed 3 individuals fishing below the Horlick Dam using a cast net and landing net at 9 p.m. and called Kruse and Walz to assist. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Isaac Kruse and Warden Ted Dremel observed 4 individuals at the DNR Steelhead facility weir at dark, using a landing net from the vehicle to net salmon in the shallow waters of a fish refuge on the Root River. The fishing gear was seized and approximately $2,200 collected to pay for their citations.

Warden John Sinclair of Kenosha and Warden Supervisor Jen Niemeyer were working salmon and trout fish run on the Pike River in Kenosha. Wardens observed individuals netting 3 King Salmon and then going to their vehicles. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Juan Gomez of Walworth County and Warden Hoftender worked fish run enforcement in Racine County. Gomez issued 3 citations and 8 warnings. The citations were for 1 fishing at night, and 2 fishing without a license. Warnings were for fishing at night, no great lakes stamp, and possession of snag hook.

Warden Mike Katzenberg of Walworth County put together a Learn to Hunt Pheasant Event at Delavan Sportsman’s Club. 18 Students learned Pheasant Biology, Laws, Shooting Skills, Trap practice, Pheasant cleaning demonstration, and Pheasant hunting. Wardens from around the Southeast Region assisted with the event.

 If you have information regarding natural resource violations, please call: VIOLATION HOTLINE: 1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367. The hotline is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained staff relay reported information to conservation wardens. Anyone who calls the Violation Hotline or provides information can remain anonymous.